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Handmade Ceramic Plates

Come join us at Ivy and experience a wide variety of succulent coffee drinks, pristine plates, hand-made cocktails, tasteful wines, and more!

Known for our artisanal tartines that are made with attention to detail and served with artistic flair, breakfast and lunch goers are greeted with the fresh aroma of freshly ground espresso beans and crafted dishes with options for the health-forward, and the overly indulgent.


In our evenings you can enjoy a selection of premiere wines carefully selected to compliment the rich flavors of our mouthwatering mains and small plates.

We source as much as we can locally to bring the highest quality and most nutrient-rich product to your table. 

Made From Scratch

Meet Julie Keane, the visionary founder and heart behind Ivy. Since its inception in 2022, Ivy has flourished under Julie's inspired guidance, captivating the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike.


With an unwavering passion for creating unforgettable experiences, Julie's dream was to cultivate more than just a restaurant; she aspired to foster a welcoming environment that becomes an integral part of the community's daily rhythm. Whether it's the allure of a hand crafted latte that draws you in, the crockery all handmade by Julie herself, or the romantic ambiance that sets the stage for cherished dinners with loved ones, Ivy is where connections are forged and memories are etched.


Julie's commitment to culinary artistry and excellence, and her dedication to making Ivy a cherished daily destination have truly transformed it into a staple of Clayton, inviting all to savor life's simple pleasures in the company of great food and warm camaraderie.

Julie Keane and Fresh Baked Sourdough
Ceramic Mug Handmade

Our Approach

The genesis of Ivy was a passion for fresh baked sourdough bread. We wanted to introduce a vibrant medley of flavors, textures, and colors to the traditional hand-crafted French open face sandwich, the tartine.

Connecting to our community by way of nourishing dishes and tasteful drinks, and locally sourcing as many ingredients as possible is our approach.

We've placed plants throughout the dining area to bring life to the setting and influence a connection with the energy in the room and the food being enjoyed. Visitors love our plant wall  ♥️

Our Espresso

The espresso beans used in our lattes are medium roasted in the Southern Italian style that holds a golden color when brewed from the exceptional crema. The blend of Indonesian, South and Central American beans provides an uncommonly smooth and sweet taste.

We offer traditional coffee drinks along with delicious unique options such as our Lavender Honey latte or our Iced Dreamsicle latte.

Our Food

Every bite is a symphony of tastes, showcasing the bountiful harvest of local farms, dairies, and markets that connect our beloved city and its surroundings.

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